Thursday, January 5, 2012

2011 Leaf Metal Baseball Draft Player Editions

Leaf has just posted up a selection of Player Edition cards from the 2011 Leaf Metal Baseball Draft. According to Brian Gray, Leaf prints an additional 50-60 cards for players who participate in their products and these cards are marked “PLAYER EDITION” across the front. Leaf then gives 25-35 cards to the player and decided to auction of the remainder to collectors as an exclusive card.

Originally all the cards were going to be sold as a BIN auction but they decided to instead sell the cards in a standard auction style with cards beginning at .99 cents to ensure that the cards are available to anyone making a bid and not just one collector who is fast on the BIN button.

As expected, with 6 days left, the Ichiro card is leading the pack followed closely by Bubba Starling and a couple of different Trevor Bauer cards.

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