Monday, September 21, 2015

A Ghost Card Found After A Mail Carrier Lost It

I have complained on my blog about my postal carrier before, she will often place mail in the wrong people’s box and she has a habit of not delivering certified mail to people’s homes instead putting a “Sorry we missed you” card in your mail box expecting you to go to the post office to pick up the letter.

This one takes the cake. As I was closing in on my 500th Griffey card I came across a 1994 Bowman Griffey for a good price. This was a ghost card so I decided to pick it so I could get it back in to my collection. The card was shipped on June 26th but it never showed up. I emailed the seller to let him know I didn’t get it but I told him I wasn’t complaining because it is the chance we take when getting a card shipped by PWE, he did his part so I wasn’t asking for my money back or a replacement.

This shows up in my mailbox today. If you notice it has two postmarks nearly 3 months apart as well as a handwritten note about being delivered to the wrong address.
Now I don’t put all the blame on the mail carrier, she just delivered it to the wrong box, but whichever of my neighbors who got this obviously didn’t put it back out to be re-delivered or go that one-step further and walk around the corner to my house and give it to me like I do whenever I get someone else’s mail. My neighborhood is not that large and for someone to hold on to it for 3 months is pretty crappy of the neighbor.

Anyway, I have finally replaced one of my favorite ghost cards so all is well.

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  1. I'm thankful I have a good mail carrier. She is always pleasant even though I get a ton of bubble mailers every week.

    Glad you got the card even if it is 3 months later.