Thursday, September 3, 2015

Dom Grady Where Are You?

With today’s announcement that the New England Patriots Tom Brady has been cleared of the accusations connected to “Deflategate” and his four game suspension has been removed the Patriots waived free agent rookie QB Dom Grady who was expected to start in Tom Brady’s absence.  

The undrafted Dom Grady came out of nowhere with his pinpoint accuracy that normally only comes from years as a Hall of Fame level Quarterback was truly a freak of nature but with his talents no longer needed in New England he seems to have just disappeared. Apparently calls to his cell phone from the Jets, Eagles and Redskins have gone unanswered leaving one perplexed GM to say “It is as if this man was the figment of someone’s imagination, like he never existed and he has disappeared as quickly as he appeared

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  1. That's a sweet mustache Dom had, may he rest in peace.