Monday, September 28, 2015

The Art Gallery: 2012 Unstoppable Cards Night Of The Living Dead Bill

This month’s Art Gallery display is from the 2012 Unstoppable Cards Night of the Living Dead release. The artist is Adam Talley, a comic book artist and illustrator. He has cards included in Marvel sets, DC sets, Star Wars sets, Mars Attacks and smaller oddball sets like Night of the Living Dead and Titanic.

What caught my attention, besides the cartoonish work (which I like), is the subject. This is Bill, the first zombie we see in the movie. He is in my favorite scene, which I talked about in an earlier Art Gallery card of my other Night of the Living Dead sketch card.

Bill here attacks Barbra but her brother Johnny jumps the zombie and while scuffling Johnny falls and slams his head against a grave stone and dies. We later see Johnny, as a zombie, trying to break in to the farm house. But, we can track back every zombie in every movie since 1968 to this one zombie, Bill. He is the dead man who started the destruction of the zed.

I picked up this card for a couple of dollars from the same seller from my other NotLD sketch card, so he bundled the shipping together for another $1. This is one of my favorite sketch sets.

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