Thursday, September 24, 2015

"Not Me", Damn Right It Isn't Me!

Earlier this week Raz wrote about picking up a Felicia Day autograph from Cryptozoic’s 2012 The Guild release. I am a Day fan (She is at the top of my celebrity crush list) and have one of her autographs but I am always on the lookout to add more so after Raz wrote about his pickup I took a look on the Google machine and came across a most interesting custom card TTM autograph card that was ending soon with an opening bid of only $0.99 plus an insane $5.00 shipping (though if it was a cool card $5.99 for a Felicia Day autograph is a steal).

The down side is that it was not a cool card. It was a poorly copy and paste image and when it was printed it was washed out. The autograph is real but the character portrayed on the card is not Felicia Day as Codex from The Guild but instead a cosplayer dressed as Codex, which was pointed out by Felicia Day when she wrote “Not Me” with an arrow pointing at the character. The card eventually sold for the opening $0.99 bid.

I have included an image of Felicia Day as Codex and you can see the differences. While the cosplayer pictured on the custom card does look similar to Felicia Day when you compare the two you can see they are not the same person.
I actually found the cosplayer, her name is Ksenia Zaring and the image used for this card is on her DeviantArt page, not sure how the card designer missed this mistake.

You would think once the actress pointed out the person on the card was not her that the seller would not have posted the card to sell. I considered buying the card and maybe cutting out the autograph and making some sort of cut signature card but I wavered and decided in the end to not bid.


  1. That's maybe the coolest thing I've seen today. The 'not me' inscription is super funny.

  2. I wouldn't kick either of them out of the bed for eating crackers.

    1. This. A million times over, THIS.

    2. What kind of crackers are we talking about? And are the ladies going to share some with me?

      Either way... that's pretty awesome. Loved The Guild... and still enjoy seeing her make appearances on Wheaton's board game show.

  3. I think it is funny enough to leave as it is. Cool story with a real autograph.