Tuesday, September 29, 2015

An Australian Homer Single Card Post

Today is a single card post.


In February 1995 Bart made a long-distance collect call to Australia to see if the water went down the drain clockwise or counter-clockwise in the Southern Hemisphere. This leads the Simpsons family on a journey to the Land Down Under so Bart can make an apology and a punishment of a “Booting” in what many rate as one of the Top 10 Simpsons episodes.

The following year Tempo cards, an Australia card company, worked with Fox to release 1996 Tempo The Simpsons Down Under a set based entirely on the episode. Since the product was released only in Australia it didn’t do extremely well in the U.S. but you can still find cards from the set with a complete 100-card base set running $15-20.

My favorite cards from the set are the “Homer As” chase cards which depict Homer as various famous Australians. The card that I most wanted, I actually thought I had it listed on my Top 10 Wanted list (but I was mistaken), is the Homer As Mad Max. After seeing the cards on the internet I initially thought that the cards had a canvas type texture but with the card now in hand I see that it is just a standard glossy coating but I am still happy.

The back includes a write up about the character, since Mad Max is fictional the write up is loosely based on Mel Gibson’s character Maximillian Rockatansky in the original Mad Max trilogy. In place of the trusty sawed-off double barrel shotgun that Max carriers, Homer carries a Squishee-shooter but otherwise they are quite similar. The cards are each #/7000 with mine being #5581/7000.
Other characters included in the 7-card Homer As chase card set; an Indigenous Australian, Capt. James Cook, Burke & Willis, Ned Kelly, Dame Edna and Crocodile Dundee.

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