Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Ripping Some Retail: 2015 Panini Prizm Baseball

In the last year I have made some changes to the way I collect and I now rarely open boxes and packs, I just found it easier to purchase the singles that I wanted because I have very little luck opening packs but occasionally I still get that itch so when I do I will grab a rack pack/hanger box to ease the pack opening pain I feel.

I picked up a 2015 Prizm Baseball value pack the other day while I was at Target. It contained three packs of 4 cards each plus a pack of 3 Red, White and Blue Prizm cards for $10. I just had an urge to open something and for some reason I am drawn to Prizm and I like the Red, White and Blue Prizm cards so I figured why not.

Here are the highlights:
Starting with some young guys Dee Gordon and Xander Bogaerts
Both are having a solid season and after leading the MLB in stolen bases last year Gordon is currently #2 on the list this season.

Michael Taylor is another young guy in the league. While he isn’t really a huge threat he does have the longest homerun of the 2015 MLB season at 493 feet last Saturday which is pretty impressive.
Now to the old guy of the pack, Kirby Puckett. A Hall of Famer who had to retire at the age of 36 due to loss of vision in his right eye. Figure if he was to play for 4 more years and hit a minimum of 175 hits per season he would have topped 3,000 hits but being a First Ballot Selection in to the HoF is proof enough that he was damn good.

On to the Prizm refractors:
Mike Moustakas Prizm

Jose Bautista, Rickey Henderson and Anthony Rendon Red, White and Blue Prizm

An Ichiro Purple Prizm #78/99
A Nick Swisher USA Baseball insert
A Bobby Witt Baseball Signatures autograph
I cannot really complain about the pack, I got a nice selection of players both retired and young with the Ichiro and Rickey Henderson Prizm cards topping the list for me. Panini does not include hit ratios so I don’t know if the autograph was expected or if I just happen to beat out a pack searcher.

I don’t care that the Ichiro says Miami on the card, this one is going in to my Mariners Ichiro collection.


  1. You can hardly read "Miami" on the card... It could so easily be a Mariner card of Ichiro. Nice pack.

  2. You broke the odds by getting that auto. In years past blasters wouldn't even guarantee autos. Very nice pack with the Ichiro.