Friday, September 25, 2015

Silver Sig Signed By Sylar Spock

In honor of NBCs attempt at rebuilding the Heroes storyline with the release of the Heroes: Reborn mini-series that began last night I am posting a recent pick up. A very cool Zachary Quinto silver paint pen autograph on his 2008 Topps Heroes Volume 2 foil card. Quitno is an amazing actor and he has such range showing complete evil as Sylar in Heroes to complete logical Spock, a roll worthy of praise by the original Mr. Spock Leonard Nimoy.

He has official cards in Topps, Rittenhouse and Breygent releases with the more common American Horror Story autographs coming in at $50 and his Heroes and Star Trek autos topping $100. While he does sign with his full name on some sets he usually just uses an abbreviated signature (ZQuinto) with the full name autographs running quite a bit more.

I spent more on this card than any other autograph (official or TTM/IP) that I have purchased but I really wanted it so I was able talk myself in to it. I have been picking up many of my recent autographs from a dealer on the East Coast and because of this he was willing to work a deal with me that didn’t break my bank account.

From the Heroes line I am looking to add a Masi Oka, who played Hiro Nakamura, autograph. He was my second favorite character on the show behind Sylar. I was disappointed that NBC did what they could to destroy the show so quickly and I am hoping they can redeem themselves with Reborn, even though Sylar is not in the show and Hiro is only in 3 episodes. 

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