Monday, September 14, 2015

My Pretty!

Have you ever had a card that you wanted to bad that you stopped working on your collection for the sole purpose of finding this one card?

My Ryan Bader collection has been put on hold while I am on the search for this card:
A 2010 Topps UFC #32 Ryan Bader "Darth" Nickname parallel
There were 25 cards in the Nickname parallel subset and they were exactly the same as the fighter’s base card version in the set but instead of the fighters name it had their nickname. There are 250 of each fighter’s nickname cards.

With 250 Ryan Bader nickname cards out there it is not seriously rare but they just do not show up. There was one sold late last year for just under $8, I lost out by.50 cents, and this year a guy posted one for $19.99, which I was not willing to pay. He posted it three times and I was hoping he would drop it to a more realistic $10, which I was willing to pay ,but no luck.


  1. There's one on COMC right now for $8.99 plus shipping.


    2. Thank you so much, I just purchased some COMC credits and made an offer.