Thursday, September 17, 2015

Insert Stupid Hand Joke Here

The New York Daily News was able to catch a photo of the damage to Jason Pierre-Paul’s hand that he damaged in a firework accident over the Fourth of July and they posted it online today.

With damage like this do you think that Jason Pierre-Paul will get back to football this season?

Index finger amputated completely, thumb partially amputated, multiple skin grafts to the four remaining fingers and palm, surgery to repair bone in his middle finger (currently in a cast) and thumb.

I think that he is done for the season but with his rehab and protective gear for his hand he will be able to return next season. Since he has not signed franchise player tender with the Giants ($14.8 million) he will be a free agent when he returns next season.

Looking at a record of his twenty-five highest single cards sales this year twenty-one of them came after his injury so obviously collectors have reason to believe he will be back.

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