Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Sometimes Prospecting Can Be Bad And Sometimes It Can Be Horrible

Remember this guy?

People were going crazy when this 2010 Bowman Chrome Stephen Strasburg Superfractor sold for $16,403 in May 2010 and it seemed like the hysteria just intensified when Brian Gray paid $25,000 for it in June 2010. When Brian packed it out in one of Leaf’s repack products the card seemed to disappear, well the person who pulled it out of the repack product just put it up for auction using Beckett Auction Services. The auction closed Sunday (9/20) night and after 6 bids it sold for $3,289.

This card lost $21,711 in value in just 5 years, wow talk about a fall from grace.

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  1. There's still a chance he can be the poor man's Alex Cobb. I think.