Friday, September 18, 2015

Collecting Movie Props Can Be An Expensive Hobby

In 1983 Return of the Jedi came out and every boy in their tweens/teens had a new love, Princess Leia. Sure she was pretty in Episode IV and V but in Episode VI she was captured by Jabba the Hutt and we were introduced to Slave Leia.

The image of Princess Leia in her gold bikini imprinted a fantasy for every breathing boy, even making it in to pop culture when Racheal wore a Slave Leia costume for Ross in a 1996 Friends episode, though Racheal mistakenly wore her hair in the cinnamon bun hairstyle of Episode IV Princess Leia (I am willing to forgive her for this error). The costume is now a major staple for cosplay characters at almost every comic book and sci-fi convention.

Now comes the time for one lucky fan to own the actual costume worn by Carrie Fisher. In an upcoming Hollywood auction by Profiles In History Auction House fans can bid on this costume. The costume is expected to hit $80,000-120,000, I think I will have to pass but thanks anyway.


  1. Too bad people don't hold up as well as costumes, though Cariie has apparently sli9med down recently:

    1. Yea she had a bad couple of years but she looks better now. In an interview last year she said that George Lucas basically told her she had to lose weight for The Force Awakens so she dropped 40 pounds in a year.

  2. I'd be willing to bet that it blows right past that $80k-120k mark. It's such an iconic piece of nerd culture that there will be at least a couple super-rich geeks bidding each other up on it.

  3. Damn for that much money... Carrie Fisher better come over and wear it for me whenever I want. By the way... I actually prefer the ESB Leia.

  4. If i was Bill Gates rich, I'd buy that. I sure would.