Friday, September 4, 2015

Wait, If I Squint I Can See It

Only in this hobby can a company get away with creating a memorabilia card with no relic and somebody turning around and spending $100 on a memorabilia card without a relic in it.

Normally I am not a fan of manufactured relics but I am a fan of the Cryptozoic Totally Fabric relic cards because they are based on comics, even though I am not willing to pay the prices that people are asking for the DC versions, but you have to admit including a piece of Wonder Woman’s invisible plane is a stretch.

Around 13 years ago I pulled a 2002 Fleer Showcase Baseball’s Best Vladimir Guerrero bat relic card where the bat piece fell out before it was packed out leaving just an empty hole in the card for me when I pulled it from the pack. A Guerrero fan bought it from me, I think I got about $5 for it, but maybe I should have held up and sold it as an invisible bat card.


  1. I really want that Invisible Plane relic card. But that's a steep price for it.

  2. I feel like I've seen this done before. A&G Invisible Man cards with a missing autograph? Maybe a missing relic? Regardless... it's a pretty cool card and I'd pay a few bucks to add it to my "cheap cool cards" binder.

  3. Exactly, it is definitely a cool card like the Invisible Man card but paying more than $5-10 and I am out of the running. I guess we can say that it is as authentic as some of the relics being put in to sports cards today, at least Cryptozoic comes forwards saying it is completely fake where Topps and Panini leave us with "No specific event, game or season" crap.

    1. So true. Deep down inside, I feel like Topps and Panini are shooting themselves in the foot and bring down all of the collectors with them by not addressing the "relic" issue. Right now there is still reasonable interest in memorabilia cards. But with each passing year, more and more collectors take them less seriously. It's almost to the point where you have to assume they're all at the same level as manufactured relics. It's such a shame, because they're such a huge part of our hobby and this predicament could have been avoided if the card manufacturers cared more and were less greedy.