Friday, August 28, 2009

Brandon Marshall Whines His Way in to Time Out

The Denver Broncos have suspended WR Brandon Marshall indefinitely for “exhibiting open acts of insubordination” earlier this week while on the practice field. Essentially, Marshall is acting like a little whiner until he gets his way.

Marshall’s actions began earlier this year following hip surgery in March, since then he has whined that he is not being paid enough and has been demanding to be paid in the range of Larry Fitzgerald and Randy Moss type of money. So basically a 4th Round Pick wants to get paid like a 1st Round Pick. I understand that Marshall has played well over the past 3 seasons and I know that he earned incentives to jump his salary to $2.2 million from the original $535,000 contract, but that brings me to my point… HE SIGNED A CONTRACT!

If a player plays well they want more money, but if they have a poor season I am sure they will refuse to renegotiate for less money. That is the problem with many current players they are never satisfied even though they are the ones who signed the contract in the first place. Instead of playing well and earning a huge contract when he re-signs next year he is attempting to force the Broncos in to either paying him more or trading him. This may end up poorly for Marshall though, the Broncos have just put him in to time out for the Pre-Season and from the rumors I have seen nobody wants to trade for him. Who wants a young Prima Dona that has been arrested more then a dozen times since college and is trying to misbehave his way in to a better contract?


  1. Actually, the owners/GMs do the equivalent of what Brandon Marshall is doing all the time. They tell a player who they think isn't performing up to their contract to take a pay cut or they will cut them - which they often do if the player doesn't take a pay cut. And yes, they signed the contract too! What I don't understand is why people gget so angry at players for "not honoring the contract they signed" and holding out for more money when they believe they have outplayed their contract, but rarely do people get angry (or as angry) when an owner/GM doesn't honor the contract they signed and cut players or ask them to take a pay cut when they believe the player hasn't played up to their contract.

    Thus, all I can say to Brandon is good luck - you're no worse in your antcis than every owner/GM in the NFL.


  2. Don't get me wrong, the owners are the biggest con men and scammers out there. They lie, cheat and steal whenever they can and will often do what they can to get a player below the player's value.

    I guess the message I was trying to say is that when you give your word, honor it. This goes with both the owners and the players. My problem is just the way that Marshall is acting.