Saturday, August 15, 2009

Custom Card Zone

Being a Graphic Designer I love art, so when I find available time I enjoy mixing my love of art with my hobby and creating my own cards. I like that as a designer I am free of corporate mandates and the cards I create are of my own design. The downside is that I am limited to images of the players that I can find either on the Internet or in magazines.

A couple of weeks back I was going through my older Topps NFL sets from the 1980s and a thought struck me, what if I made some “What If?” cards. A series of cards based on what if a situation had gone differently. For example, the first card I created was “What if John Elway had signed with the Colts?”

I figured every so often I will post some of the cards that I have created, with some being "What If?" cards and others will be original designs. I have a couple of sets in the works and when they start to come together I will post them too.

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