Sunday, August 9, 2009

A Prestige Basketball Follow Up

Something bothered me about one specific card design in the 2009 Basketball Prestige release. The Connections insert is loose; the colors are poorly used along with photos that are cut off. To top things off, the relics are small and oddly die-cut. This is a set that should have been either left on the design room floor or re-worked.

Panini's original Connections insert

Late last night I decided to work on a design based on the Prestige Connections insert, I tried to keep it along the lines of the original release. I am not saying that this would be the best option but at least it ties up the looseness of Panini’s design. You get a clean view of both the player’s photo and the jersey pieces, there is a hierarchy to the design and allows you eyes to flow.

My redesign of Panini's Connections insert

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