Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Why Brett?

Brett Favre is back… again! It seems that Favre is going to continue this path to completely destroy his legacy and reputation when he signed a $12 million contract with the Minnesota Vikings this morning. His contract is pending a physical but that is just a formality.

I am sorry but Favre forced the Packers to deal with his yearly retirement talk and when he got called on it he had a fit and forced a trade. Then he started strong for the Jets but ultimately caused their collapse when he insisted on playing injured and once again played the retirement game. Now he had the Vikings on edge until July 28th when he said he was staying retired. But once again he changed his mind after the Vikings had already moved on with their plans at QB.

Don’t get me wrong, I put Favre up there as one of the elite QBs with Marino, Montana, Elway and Young but he is ruining his placement in that echelon with his behavior. Gone are the days of his 3 MVPs and 2 Super Bowls, in their place sits the shell of a man who seems to feel compelled to continue playing even though he is a mere shadow of his former self.

I like Favre, I always saw him as the down-home good guy who played hard but still had a good heart. His appearance in “Something About Mary” seemed to solidify him in that persona. I just wish he would have taken his own cue and retired as a Packer, that just seemed to define who he was but these past few years show a different side of the guy we all loved, a more concerning person who looks to only care about himself. It is like he is trying to prove that he can still play and he will force that on to any team that is willing to sign him. Come January will the retirement talks begin again, maybe next season he will be signing with the Rams, 49ers or even the Texans?

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