Monday, August 10, 2009

Collector-1 Pack Serarcher-0

My wife asked me to run out to the store and hit me with the dreaded words “Don’t go crazy” which is code for “No stopping at the card shop”. Now, she didn’t say that I couldn’t pick up a pack or two while food shopping so I stopped by the card aisle to take a look. Looking for some baseball packs to bust, I am always on the search for Griffey cards, I was hoping to grab up some A&G but unfortunately a pack searcher had hit the section and most of the packs were bent already.

I did end up finding some A&G packs that did not look damaged so I grabbed them and left. When I got home I tossed the packs on my desk and went about the rest of my night. When I finally sat down to bust the packs I kind of laughed because I think I got the pack that the searcher was looking to find. Not saying that these were the best pulls ever but some of the cards I found include a Yunel Escobar Jersey, David Price Baseball Highlights card, which is a very cool card, and a Matt LaPorta rookie.

I guess what I am trying to say is that pack searchers may end up finding the occasional packs with “hits” in them but they end up damaging a ton of product while doing it. I know that someone will always ruin the fun but this can get out of hand and actually ruin the hobby for some collectors.

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