Sunday, August 2, 2009

Upcoming 2009-10 Prestige basketball

I was listening to the Sports Card Show podcast today while sitting at the pool and Colin had brought up Panini having the NBA License and it made me think back. When the news was announced in January that the NBA was signing exclusively with Panini I was really against it because I feel that a single manufacturer can prove fatal if the company becomes stagnant and their releases are lazy. But then it can turn in to a complete score if the releases are well thought out and original.

I guess we will see how Panini/Donruss do when they release the 2009-10 Prestige Basketball set in October. I have seen the Prestige sell sheet and I kind of like what I see, I am not sure about the autographs though, in the sell sheet the autos look on-card but the auto of the Kevin McHale Old School Signature from the National the card has a sticker auto.

I am going to do a review of the 2009-10 Prestige Basketball set within the next few days, I just want to get as much information about the release as possible.

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