Friday, December 31, 2010

2011 Topps UFC Title Shot

Schedule Release Date: May 2011
Box Configuration: 14 cards per pack/ 12 packs per box
SRP: No price yet

Box Break:
1 Autograph card
1 Autograph Memorabilia card
2 Additional Memorabilia cards

My Thoughts:
Topps continues to build on their UFC line with the upcoming 2011 Topps UFC Title Shot scheduled for an early May 2011 release date. Each box contains 12 packs and there are 14 cards per pack plus 1 auto, 1 auto-relic and 2 additional relic cards. Previous UFC releases ran around $100/box so I expect a similar price point with the newest release.

Topps knows how to design a UFC product; the base cards are clean and actually remind me of previous Upper Deck baseball releases. The inserts give collectors what they want with autographs and relics and offer a variety of design styles. In an interesting move Topps created the Title Belt Plate insert where the cards contain an actual miniature replica of the title belt won by the fighter. With this UFC set there are also parallels; Onyx/Black #/88, Red #/8 and Diamond 1/1.

Great checklist for the base set, autograph and memorabilia inserts including Liddell, Couture, Silva, Ortiz, Lesnar and GSP

The Title Belt Plate cards look very cool and you can pull a 1/1 parallel version

The base set reminds me of the older Upper Deck baseball sets, clean designs focusing on the athlete

Unknown price point

Sticker autographs

Some autograph card designs are plain while others are over designed


Without knowing the price point I will give this set a solid 4 rating. A decent price can increase that rating to at least 4 ½.

The only downside that I see is the use of stickers on some inserts while other autographs appear to be on-card/on-relic. I understand UFC fighters train all year and will usually fight at least twice a year but they often have some significant time off and Topps should easily be able to get the cards to the fighters to sign on-card. I don’t think it would be a logistical nightmare to organize card signings for 50 fighters.


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