Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Press Pass Five Star, Expensive But Well Worth It!

Press Pass, a card designer that at one time produced NCAA cards has turned their full attention to NASCAR collectors. NASCAR cards have been attempted by most of the major card designers including Donurss, Upper Deck and Fleer with limited success but Press Pass has been able to succeed with racing for almost 20 years along with producing die case miniatures.

This is the company that introduced relics in to cards with their 1996 Burning Rubber inserts that contained an actual race-used tire piece. Later that year they started to include pieces of fire suits and sheet metal in some of their inserts and the relic age was born.

With the recently released Press Pass Five Star set you can pull a redemption card, not any redemption card though. These redemption cards are instant win cards for complete items like a 1993 Winston Cup Dale Earnhardt race-used/autographed helmet or you can pull a card for a 1999 Tony Stewart Home Depot fire suit. No longer will your redemption be for a dime-sized fire suit relic but for the entire fire suit. How cool is that?

Each $500 box of Press Pass Five Star contains two packs, one pack has 4 cards and the second pack has a single booklet card. Within each box you will pull:

-A base card #/35 or less

-A dual/triple/quad or over sized memorabilia card #/25 or less

-An autograph from an elite driver #/25 or less

-An autographed memorabilia card #/50 or less

-One Classic Compilations Book Card

The checklist is pretty strong too with early NASCAR racers along side the giants of today and even some of the up and comers. The checklist includes Earnhardt, Jr, Richard Petty, Gordon, Stewart, Danica Patrick and of course Double J Jimmie Johnson.

A quick look at eBay and the base cards along with some of the more basic relic cards can be had for a few dollars but the Prime Autograph patches and some of the booklet cards are already topping $100 with time left in the auction. It looks like this might actually be one of those high dollar sets where you can actually get a decent return on the box.

 On an interesting note Press Pass employees wore white cotton gloves when they packed out each box, which are made from real Chestnut wood, to ensure that you received a box in pristine condition sans fingerprints. The cards are 120 pt stock or higher and every autograph is hard signed on the card.

Thank you Press Pass for an amazing release. Other card designers need to take note because this is how you do a high end set.


  1. now all I have to do is to pull that bankjob I've been planning....

  2. This stuff ain't no joke... I'll never be able to afford this stuff... thank goodness they have YouTube... I'm looking forward to watching people bust this stuff.