Friday, December 17, 2010

Why Do Card Designers Insist On Frankencuts?

 Why does Topps have to take a very cool idea and turn it in to a monstrosity? That is exactly what has come out of 2010 Topps Tribute with the Legendary Lineup cut signature card.

To get to the gist of my rant, Topps should have created 9 separate cut signature cards that could have been awarded to one lucky collector who pulls the special redemption card. Instead they take 9 cut signatures and jam them together on a 6-panel booklet card. Way to ruin 9 autographs Topps with your Frankencuts booklet.

The New York Yankees Legendary Lineup card was just put up for auction using Beckett’s consignment auction with a starting bid of $20,000 and no reserve. The card contains the 9 signatures of the 1927 New York Yankees Murders Row, one of the best lineups every to take the field.

Earle Combs

Mark Koenig

Babe Ruth

Lou Gehrig

Bob Meusel

Tony Lazzeri

Joe Dugan

Pat Collins

Waite Hoyt

And Beckett called this the “Coolest Cut Ever”? I think Upper Deck may have something to say about that, their SP Legendary Cuts releases are some of the best cut signature cards out there.

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  1. As an avid fan of cut autograph cards I can tell you that because of all the cut cards that have been made, all that is left are documents, checks, and cards. The documents and checks are starting to get more and more pricey (especially for Mantle and Ruth) so from a financial stand point the cards are the most economical way to acquire autographs for the purposes of cut signatures.