Thursday, December 16, 2010

Leaf MMA Wrapper Redemption

A couple of months ago Leaf released the 2010 Leaf MMA set, a solid set featuring some of the top in the mixed martial arts field, which was reason enough to buy a box or two and since the initial release the price has dropped significantly, basically in half going from $120/box to around $65/box.

This past Tuesday (12/14/10) Leaf added additional value to their product with the announcement of a wrapper redemption program running through Jan 31, 2011. Not a lot of information has been released yet. Here is the wording directly from Leaf:

For as few as 16 2010 Leaf MMA wrappers, collectors can redeem limited edition and exclusively signed cards from various fighters. Throughout the next few months, Leaf Trading Cards will reveal more specific redemption opportunities, so collectors can choose when to cash in.”

The best part though is that you can exchange 96 wrappers for an exclusive Mauricio Rua autograph card #/85 that was created specifically for the wrapper redemption program. Shogun Rua is currently the Light Heavyweight Champion and depending on his knee surgery recovery, is scheduled to fight a re-match against Rashad Evans in March 2011 at UFC 128 or UFC 129. Given 96 wrapper is 12 boxes worth of busting and at the current $65/box comes out to $780, you will probably be able to pick up the card for quite a bit less once released and even cheaper if he loses the Evans but for those who are dealing with box and case breaks this might be a good reason to wrangle up those wrappers.

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