Monday, September 17, 2012

Cryptozoic's DC The New 52 Goes Live Tomorrow

Cryptozoic The New 52 release was originally scheduled for a late August release but was eventually delayed; the new release date is set for tomorrow, September 18, 2012. The base card checklist has also been whittled down to 61 cards, 60 base cards and a cover card. The reason for the delay is due to the additional steps required for completing the base set compared to a standard release. Because this is based on DC’s The New 52 story line every card had to go through a number of steps before even being passed on to the printers.
1. The checklist has to be approved by DC’s creative team
2. Card art descriptions are written for each base card, this is the basis for the card design that the artist will use in creating the illustration
3. Artists are selected
4. Art descriptions are sent to the artists
5. The artist submits a rough sketch of what they created based on the art description
6. The roughs are sent to the DC creative team for approval
7. When the roughs are approved the artist will then move on to creating a full color version
8. The full color version is sent to DC for approval
9. Once a card has full approval it is then submitted for printing with the other base cards
As you can figure with 25 artists working on a 61-card base set this would be a time consuming process, any cards that were returned requiring a change, additions or subtractions would add more time and delay the printing process. Getting a look at the final base card designs along with examples from the two inserts you can appreciate all the time that the artist put in to the designing of the product. Cryptozoic did DC and The New 52 storyline justice. The base cards are beautiful.


The Lanterns and Work In Progress inserts are a nice addiction to complement the base set. You will pull two of each insert along with a sketch card in each 24-pack box, expected to be running $60-65 each.
The Lanterns insert is a 9-card die-cut set that covers a number of characters from the Green Lantern books. This includes members of the various Corps, there are 7 color corps connected to different emotions, as well as a number of villains. The cards are die-cut in to the famous Lantern logo.
The Works in Progress set is a 9-card checklist that covers the progression of the characters. The cards are lenticular/hologram style so you see the progression of the character as you move the card. The set includes the main characters from DC’s universe like Batman, Superman, Green Lantern and Wonder Woman.


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