Thursday, September 6, 2012

Preview: In The Game Superlative Hockey Volume III

Hockey collectors have a world of their own in the collecting world. Many non-hockey collectors can name rookies and top players from other sports even if they do not collect that specific sport but when it comes to hockey they are at a loss to name a player outside of Gretzky, Lemieux, Howe or maybe Crosby. The sad thing is that these people who ignore hockey releases are missing out; year after year we see some amazing hockey sets released. In The Game is one of those companies that deliver a solid product with each release plus they cater to collectors with specialized releases like Enforcers, Between the Pipes and Forever Rivals.
An upcoming ITG release that will surely get noticed is Superlative Hockey Volume III. With a production limit of 1,500 books it is quite possible to see this release sell out like the previous two volumes. Instead of boxes ITG uses a book for pack out with each book containing 7 cards and a $500 price tag is expected. Here is an example of an open book/box from a Volume I- Maple Leafs set from 2008.

Each book of Superlative Hockey Volume III contains seven cards:
• One Game-Used Jersey Card
• One Autograph Card or Auto Plus Card
• One Superlative Prospect Autograph or Prospect Auto Plus Card
• One Superlative Patch Card
• One Auto Jersey Card or Auto Plus Card
• One Famous Fabrics Card
• One Special Insert Card
It is worth pointing out that all autographs are either cut signatures (from people who have passed away) or hard-signed, no sticker autographs were used. All cards are packed out, there are no redemptions. All of the memorabilia relics are game used, these are not special event or draft night relics. Every relic you pull saw time on the ice in a pro or international game. Finally, there are quite a few 1/1 in the product


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