Monday, September 24, 2012

NFL Refs Blow It Seriously!

I am a Seattle Seahawk fan, I have been one my entire life and as much as I love to see them win I hate to see them win on a blown call by scab refs.

I have been steadfast in my belief that Pete Carroll needs to be fired and even with the team 2-1 in Week 3 I still believe that the man should be shown the door. He called a piss-poor game, who in their right mind runs down the clock with 2:12 left in the First Half? He seriously ran a handful of running plays and let the clock wind down with the Hawks up 7-3 instead of actually trying to pass and increase that lead. Instead he walks away with a cheap win and he probably will not see it that way and consider it a solid win because of his coaching but 99% of the football watching-world see this as what it is, a serious game turning blown call by the refs at the end of the game.

What is worse is that the final minute of the game was horrible calls, there were 4 straight flags during the Seahawks final series including a blown call for Defensive Pass Interference when Sidney Rice was clearly pulling on the defender before the ball was in the area. It should have been a no-call, Offensive Pass Interference or off-setting penalties at worst. This allowed the Seahawks to keep moving in to position to force the refs to make a game winning (horrible) call. When the ball went up for grabs there was not one but two blown calls that turned the game. The first was Golden Tate pushing off a defender before he went up for the ball, this should have been a Offensive Pass Interference and the game should have ended on that but it got worse when there was no question that Jennings had the ball. He came down with the ball in his arms and Tate was able to wrestle it away from him. What is sad is that one ref was waving his arms to signal an interception while a second ref signaled touchdown. I know that some (as I would expect Carroll) may argue that Tate and Jennings had simultaneous control but seeing replay after replay and this was not the situation. Jennings had the ball plain and simple.

As a Hawks fan I am saying, this game should have ended with an interception and a Packer's win and the Seahawks being 1-2 with Carroll sitting on the hotseat for his crappy game plan through the first 3 weeks.

The laughing you are hearing is from the NFL Official's Union as their leverage over Roger Goodell increases. A MNF game ending in this manor was probably the worst thing that Goddell could have hoped for in the middle of union talks.

UPDATE 9/25- As I stated last night, Carroll would not see that the refs blew the call giving him the cheap win and I was correct. In an interview he stated:

"From what I understand from the officials, it was a simultaneous catch, that's how they called it," Carroll told reporters. "Tag goes to the runner. Good call."

Is that seriously his response? He clearly has not watched any of the many many many replays on every channel showing that Jennings had the ball or that Tate has pushed off Sam Shields while the ball was in the air. He is completely oblivious to things he does not want to deal with.

UPDATE (AGAIN) 9/25- I was just forwarded a transcript from a friend in Seattle covering Pete Carroll's interview on the 710ESPN Seattle radio show this morning. When Carroll was asked how he felt about how people are characterizing the win as a "stolen win" he eloquently responded with:

"I don't care, I could care less about all that stuff. The game's played, they called it. We played with the officials they sent out there, we played with the team that they put out there, and at the end of it, we throw the ball up and Golden makes an extraordinary effort."

This POS continues to act as if the game was not decided by a poor call, he seems to feel as if the game was called fairly and that the game ended without a question.

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