Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Leaf Betting On Johnny Manziel


 Building on the hype of “Johnny Football”, Leaf has announced the release of a special draft predictor set, 2014 Leaf Johnny Manziel Predictor Packs. The packs, which run $9.99 (plus $2.99 s&h) are only available through Leaf’s eBay store, only contain one card.
These cards feature Manziel (in Texas A&M uniform) pictured in front of a skyline related to each of the 32 NFL teams. There will only be 41 of each team’s card produced. When you purchase a pack you get one of the cards randomly and after the NFL Draft, anyone with the card of the team that drafts Manziel can redeem the card for an autographed version that is limited to #/41.
The entire set will be quite limited when you think about it, there will be 41 cards for each of the 32 teams which means only a total of 1,312 cards will be made. I am wondering what the plan is for the autographed versions, will they print an additional 41 to be signed and shipped or will the winners need to send in their card for the exchange.
So far a little over 300 have been sold and as the draft gets closer I would expect that number to increase quickly and with the first orders estimated to be delivered as early as Thursday I would expect to see the Texans, Jaguars and Browns cards demanding a premium on the secondary market (with Oakland, Minnesota and maybe Tennessee getting a nice bump too). I purchased one earlier today and I am personally hoping for the Seahawks card, even though I know he will not be drafted by Seattle. With my luck I will probably get a team that already has a franchise QB like Denver or Green Bay.


  1. I'm gonna laugh if this guy flames out quicker than Colt Brennan. I just don't think this guy is gonna pan out. I dunno why but just call it a gut feeling.

  2. I am in full agreement, he put up some insane numbers in college (so did Andre Ware and David Klingler) but I am not sure if that can translate now to the pro game. I am hoping to get the Seahawks or Cardinals versions, anything else I will eventually sell or trade.

  3. ohhhhh I forgot all about Dave Klinger!