Thursday, April 17, 2014

Don't Damage That Card!

I enjoy the show Modern Family and one of our local channels shows reruns 5 times a week. Last night’s episode included two of my favorite things, Christmas and sports cards. The episode, Express Christmas, included a variety of hijinks but it was Phil’s (Ty Burrell) attempt to impress his father-in-law Jay (Ed O’Neill) that made me chuckle.
Phil wanted to really make a good impression on Jay so he decided to purchase a mint condition Joe DiMaggio card that had been signed by Joltin Joe through a Craigslist seller. The deal did not go well, the seller wanted more money but settled for Phil’s frozen turkey, and Manny (Rico Rodriguez) ended up tazing Phil. So as Phil was holding the card he was doing the “tazer dance” and each time he twitches he crumpled the card more. I love his “Mint condition… near-mint condition…”
I think many of us can relate to damaging a card on accident, though not to Phil’s extent. I could only find one, blurry video with the part where he damages the card but it is still funny.

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  1. I love Modern Family. I remember this episode. I always like a good baseball card reference in tv shows/movies.