Friday, April 11, 2014

Is There Still Room For CJ In The NFL?

One of the big surprises of the off-season is the lack of interest in ex-Titan’s running back Chris Johnson. At 28-years old, he has six straight seasons over 1,000 yards including his amazing 2009 season when he topped 2,000 yards, a feat only 7 running backs have accomplished. You would think that teams would be lining up to work a deal with him but there are a couple of rumors that are beginning to spread that could be causing teams to hold back on trying to sign with CJ.
According to a league source, reported by a number of outlets including CBS News and NBC News, Johnson is refusing to engage in any private try-outs for interested teams. Add this to his “Me First!” attitude, his previous ripping of his team and teammates and now the rumors that he hangs around gang bangers/bad elements (un-proven at this time that I know of) is a major concern for teams.
At the age of 28 Johnson is coming up on the almost required running back retirement age of 30 years old. His rushing yards are dropping, his average per rush is falling and his touchdowns numbers are dropping. Has Chris Johnson cashed his final NFL paycheck? I don't think so, but I do think they will not be as large as he is hoping to get.
In the hobby Chris Johnson has his collectors, but his personality has pushed many collectors away. Toss in his lack of a decent signature and there just does not seem to be a rush on his cards. His jersey cards can be found for a couple of dollars and his “CJ” autographs can be picked up for $20, if not less.

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  1. I'm a fan. Anybody doesn't want their CJ cards, send them to me. ;^)