Thursday, April 3, 2014

Only A Card A Jerry Rice Collector Could Love

The legacy of Jerry Rice is a mile long, he holds over a dozen records including most games by a position player (303 games), most receiving yards (22,895) and most TD receptions (197), he is a three-time Super Bowl Champion (including one Super Bowl MVP Award) and he is well respected by players and fans alike.
After he left the 49ers following the 2000 season to the Raiders he seemed to have a resurgence, even returning to the Super Bowl with the Raiders. He spent 3 productive seasons in Oakland before growing disgruntle and requested a trade. Six games in to the 2004 season he was granted that trade and he headed to Seattle for the final 11 games of his career. After the 2004 season he signed a one-year deal with Denver but decided to retire instead, signing a one-day contract with the 49ers so he could retire properly.
Because his time with the Seahawks was limited to only 11 games in 2004 I am pretty restricted on which Rice cards I want to add to my Seahawks personal collection. I came across this card, which I had seen before but paid no attention to it, which depicts him in his Seahawks uniform, lists him with the Broncos (including the Broncos logo on the back) and includes a relic from his Raiders days. I am not sure, but this seems to be a fail by Upper Deck. Outside of a Jerry Rice super collector I don’t see people clamoring for this card because it doesn’t put him all with one team, the Seahawks, Broncos and Raiders are all represented here and most team collectors would bypass the card because of that, including me.


What is your take on a card like this?

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  1. I have one of these in my Seahawks PC. But being born and raised in the Bay Area, Rice will forever be a 49er... so I have to admit... it's pretty weird.