Friday, April 18, 2014

The Jaundice Is Spreading

I was looking to add a 1994 Bowman’s Best Griffey card to my collection and I came across a seller offering a four card Mariners set (Griffey, Buhner, Pozo and Mac Suzuki) for $2.25 plus an additional $2 shipping, he had two sets available. Here is the actual auction.
The Griffey card was my main target but I am always happy to add a Buhner card to my Mariners collection and the price was right. Only the Griffey card was shown but the listing said all cards were averaged NrMt. I received the cards today and all four cards are noticeably discolored, something I would not list as NrMt. Unfortunately chrome, foil and Finest cards are susceptible to damage like this when they are stored together without penny sleeves for an extended time due to the coating. When I pulled these cards from the envelope they were in a penny sleeve together with the Suzuki and Pozo cards stuck together to the back of the Griffey card.
Here is the Griffey shown versus the card I received, obviously not the same cards
Posted In Auction
Card I Received

I am upset, had it been listed as “Discolored” or “Damaged” I would have either passed or inquired about the severity of damage. I just emailed the seller to see if he can replace the cards, I am holding off on posting feedback for now. The guy has 100% with nearly 15,000 feedback and I don’t want to ding him if he is willing to replace the cards (at least the Griffey and Buhner cards).

Discolored and yellowing around ear

Discolored and yellowing over entire face

Discolored and yellowing around nose and mouth

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