Friday, July 25, 2014

Ken Griffey Jr. Countdown

In January, after I set my collecting goals for the year, I went through my collection to organize things. I came to realize that I only had 92 unique Ken Griffey Jr. cards, such a small number for a Griffey collector. I decided that I will work to reach 200 unique Ken Griffey Jr. cards by the end of the year and hopefully exercise some of my Griffey ghosts.
I started off the year by putting a list together of Ken Griffey Jr. cards that I want with the parameters that I will keep the list mainly base cards and base inserts and spend no more than $20 on an individual card. I have since added 97 unique cards to my collection and I have another 22 Griffey cards on the way so I will have reached my 200 card point by next week.
My Wanted list still has another 123 cards (I do have to double check to ensure I am current) so I may be able to hit 250 by the end of the year. Once I have the list updated I will be adding a Trade Bait and Wanted section to my blog so I can hopefully add some cards through trade too. Next week I will post up Card #200 when it arrives.

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