Thursday, July 17, 2014

Knucklehead Move

Last week I was watching some cards that I need for my 2014 Prizm World Cup set and I ended up bidding on two of the same cards without realizing it and ended up winning both auctions. As absent minded as I am it is a surprise that I have not done this before.


  1. I did that... with 1971 Nolan Ryans.

  2. I've done it a few times. Sometimes the mistake can be quite costly.

    1. I was lucky it was a base card and together they cost a little over $1 shipped.

  3. Been there done that didn't win the DVD! I used to do that a lot. I would even intentionally bid on two different auctions of the same card to insure getting at least one of them. Sometimes it works and win one or both, sometimes you don't win either.

    Years ago there were some CDs that I kept losing auctions on because the selling price would get up above $50 and my maximum at the time for them was about $20-$25. So for some I had to wait a few months and then increase my max bid to between $30-$35. I eventually got some of those CDs. Many of these were older CDs and often out of print CDs.

  4. I've done this a few times. I use a sniper program and sometimes watch multiple auctions featuring the same item. I've ended up winning an auction and didn't have access to my computer to clear the rest of the auctions from my sniper program.