Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The Art Gallery: 2005 Dynamic Forces Army Of Darkness Ash

This month’s Art Gallery display is from the 2005 Dynamic Forces Army of Darkness release. The card was done by the artist Filip Sablik and it is of Ash, the main character of the Evil Dead trilogy, played by cult actor Bruce Campbell.
I love this movie, this was actually the first time I saw Bruce Campbell in a film and I was pulled in to his humor immediately. I have since built a library of Bruce Campbell DVDs including Evil Dead, Evil Dead II, The Army of Darkness, The Adventures of Brisco County Jr., Congo and Jack of All Trades. One of my favorite shows of all times remains The Adventures of Brisco County Jr. which premiered on Fox the same Friday night as another cult classic, The X Files. I am not sure why I remember that but it is still stuck in my brain 21 years later.
The Army of Dakrness release was rather quiet, appearing 13 years after the movie was in theaters. The set contains 72 base cards, 6 glow-in-the dark cards along with some autographs (though Campbell was not included) and sketch cards. I picked up this card for two reasons, a) it was Ash and b) it was around $5 shipped. There are actually some really nice Ash sketch cards available but I try to stick with paying no more than $10 on a sketch card if I can help it.
Filip Sablik is a comic book illustrator and does not often work with sketch cards, as a matter of fact the only sketch cards I can find of his are both from Dynamic Forces with Army of Darkness and 35 Years of Red Sonja.

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