Wednesday, July 2, 2014

The Rise Of Carmelo Anthony (Sort Of) And The Downfall Of Jeremy Lin

The Houston Rockets have not been shy about saying they want Carmelo Anthony, just as obvious is the way the Rockets are telling Jeremy Lin that his days in Houston are numbered. Today Anthony was in Houston talking with the Rockets and the team went all out to bring Melo to the city. What is funny is that the Rockets bent over backwards to bring Lin to Houston and now they are tossing him on the junk pile.
These are images that greeted Carmelo Anthony during his visit to the Rocket's Toyota Center arena today. The Rockets are pretty straight forward that if Melo ends up in Houston he will be wearing Lin's #7 jersey.


I wonder how those collectors who spent big money on Lin during his “flash in the pan” days in New York feel about the purchases. Cards that were selling in the thousands can now be picked up for a small percentage.
A perfect example of a delusional seller versus a realistic seller:

What is worse is that the delusional seller who has the card at $559 is also selling a 2010 Panini Threads Lin Jersey shaped autograph #28/99 for $1039.99 (on sale from $1299.99) and a 2010 Panini Prestige Lin autograph #44/99 for $879.99 (on sale from $1099.99). If you want a laugh read the descriptions for the three Lin cards, they are promoting Lin as a Knick and have probably not been changed in 2 years. He probably bought them when they were at an all-time high and is determined to make his money back even though he is re-listing the cards over and over and over again in hopes of suckering someone in to make as poor an uninformed purchase as he made in 2012.

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