Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Damaged After Being Graded?

Don’t you love that you spend $35 ($17 cost plus $18 return shipping) minimum to get a card graded and encapsulated and the card ends up sliding within the case and potentially getting damage.

I have one of these 1972 Primrose Confection Superman cards and they are extremely thin, even thinner than a piece of notebook paper, so I can see how it could slide in between the pieces but this would really suck. You would think that the grading companies would take things like this in to consideration. The seller at least realizes this is an issue and is selling the card at $3.99, which is actually lower than even a raw copy price.


  1. I'd be so bummed out if I was the guy who submitted this card. I wonder if PSA took care of this guy and at least offered him a refund. I'm tempted to buy it and free Superman from his plastic prison.

  2. That was my thought too, if I bought it I would remove it from the case so it does not get damaged.