Saturday, May 16, 2015

Some Relics Would Be Worth Chasing

Last football season Topps worked with the St Louis Rams to create a set of special Rams Kids Club cards with 10 Defend Our Turf cards and a Rampage fur card. The cards were given away at two games in December at a Rams Kids Club table. There were also some autographed versions that were given away through Topps Twitter and Rampage’s Twitter & Facebook pages.

There are already mascot cards as well as autographed mascot cards and collectors love them with some of the autographs topping $50, I think that mascot relics would be a natural transition. I can just imagine what a San Diego Chicken or Phillie Phanatic relic auction would look like, triple digits would probably be a realistic selling point. I would definitely chase down a Mariner Moose and Blitz relic.

Topps needs to get on this.

1 comment:

  1. I'd be all over a SD Chicken relic... although I can't imagine dropping triple digits on one. I'd wait for the dust to settle and grab one a few years later after Topps was finished flooding the market with mascot relic cards.