Monday, May 11, 2015

My Contest Entry For Frankie's "Very Simple Contest"

Frankie from My Life In The Sports Card Hobby is running a “Favorite Cards” contest where he asks that his readers post the three favorite cards that are in their collection. What I initially thought was a simple question I realized I was mistaken. This is like Wallet Card all over, which cards do I go with?

Do I go with vintage cards? Maybe a Griffey card, but which one? How about something from one of my other personal collections? How about a favorite pull? This took more time than I figured it would take but in the end I got it down to four cards with two being tied for the #2 spot.

1933 Goudey Lou Gehrig #92
Second place is a tie between two cards that my wife pulled from the same box in 2001
2001 SP Legendary Cuts
Babe Ruth bat
Joe DiMaggo cut signature
2000 Ovation Griffey game used shoe- Japanese version


  1. Is your wife on ebay? Hahaha. It's crazy that their are 275 of the DiMaggio cuts. Awesome cards!

    1. I was driving and she asked if she could open some packs, she pulled the Ruth first and asked if it was anything special. I barely held the car straight and was quite giddy. When she pulled the DiMaggio I had to pull over and we opened the rest of the box in a mall parking lot. I was hoping the Debut Bat card was going to be Shoeless Joe because the box was hot, it was Bill Buckner.

      The next year she pulled a Mickey Mantle jersey out of a box of 2002 SP Legendary Cuts. She definitely had the hot hand at that time.

  2. Man... those are flippin' awesome!

  3. Those are some great cards!

  4. Wondering if the Griffey is for sale?

    PayPal ready been looking for the shoe card for my pc for some time now

    1. Sorry, the shoe card is not for sale. It is one of my Griffey centerpieces.

    2. Understandable, sounds like you have some great stuff - shoot me an email ( always cool talking cards and sharing PC pics.
      Thanks for the quick reply.