Tuesday, May 5, 2015

The Martians Are Back

Today Topps releases information regarding their newest Mars Attacks release, Mars Attacks Occupation. Unlike the previous Topps Mars Attack releases this one will be crowd funded, Topps is taking the project to Kickstarter. The project began today and is already 80% of the way to its $50,000 goal.

This will be Topps fourth Mars Attacks release dating back to 1962 with the original Mars Attacks, followed by the 50th Anniversary release with the 2012 Mars Attacks Heritage and then the 2013 Mars Attacks: Invasion. The Heritage release was a straight connection to the 1962 set while Invasion and Occupation are an on-going sci-fi storyline.

Mars Attacks: Occupation will be made up of a 72-card base checklist and contain a 45-card storyline plus two subsets: Art Gallery (18 cards) and Factions (9 cards). There will be three parallels for the 45-card storyline with Heritage parallels being printed on vintage card stock, Concept will show early sketches of the 45-cards and then a foil version.

Inserts will be made up of five different sketch cards (Red Logo, Green Logo, Creator Sketches, Dual Artist Sketches and Throwback Sketch Cards), Autographs, Metal Cards and Woodcut Letter-Press cards. There will also be three base inserts that have not been announced yet. The set is scheduled for a December 2015 release.

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