Monday, November 16, 2015

Another Champion Falls

There are always surprises in the UFC and it seems like nobody, even champions, are immune. Some of the top fighters have disappeared but one always seemed “Unbeatable” but the last of the Greatest Of All Time fighters fell Saturday in a thriller between Rhonda Rousey and Holly Holm.

Going in to Saturdays fight Rousey was 12-0, if you take her amateur fights in to account she was 15-0 and didn’t seem to be slowing down. There was actually talk over if/when Rousey retired would she go undefeated but Holly Holm seemed to disagree. Going in to the fight she was 9-0 but still the underdog. When former UFC Light Heavyweight Rashad Evans picked Holm as an upset during the preliminary fight introductions he was mocked for his selection.

Even though Rousey lost she is still a big star and UFC collectors are not like collectors in other sports, UFC collectors are fiercely loyal to their fighters. So just because she lost it does not mean much of a dip in her prices, sure some collectors who were in to her cards as investment may bail most collectors will continue as before. With her appearing in action films, even starring in the upcoming Road House, she may even pick up some collectors from the entertainment world.

Her autographs continue to demand hundreds and sometimes thousands and even her relic cards are remaining stable with some of the most basic relic mat cards selling in the $25+ range.

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  1. I've watched most (possibly all) of Rousey's fights and was absolutely stunned on Saturday. I actually felt a little sick to my stomach... not because I'm a huge Rousey fan... but because she was a one in a million sports story. I'm usually pulling for the underdog... but I can't remember feeling that way since Buster Douglas took down Iron Mike.

    Huge congratulations to all of those people out there who are fans of Holm. She dominated that fight from start to finish.