Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Charlie Sheen's Announcement

Yesterday morning Charlie Sheen appeared on the Today Show to make an announcement that he is HIV positive, the announcement while unexpected was not startling considering his poor decisions with drugs and prostitutes. Now as Magic Johnson has shown being HIV positive is no longer a death sentence that it once was and with proper treatment and safety he can continue to live his life in peace.
For collectors of Charlie’s cards there are plenty of options going back to the 1980s with Pacific’s 1988 Eight Men Out set. Since then he has made appearances in sets like 1993 Skybox Three Musketeers, a co-star appearance with Michael Jordan in 1995, Donruss’ 2004 Playoff Fans of the Game (plus an autograph version) and more recently in some Leaf and Topps sets. I do not own any of these cards, the images were pulled from eBay.

His cards have always had a premium, at least his sports cards, so I would expect prices to possibly increase with this announcement but over the long run prices should balance out as long as his health does not get any worse.

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