Tuesday, November 17, 2015

La Flama Blanca

Last month I picked up the 2009 Eastbound & Down set from HBO and I had discussed a card of Kenny “F-ing” Powers in his Charro’s uniform that I initially thought was some sort of promo after seeing the back but Gavin pointed out that he believes it to be a custom card instead. That changed my mind on hunting the card down considering that some of these can run over $10, there are currently two available on eBay at $6.99 and $18.95 BIN prices.

But I couldn't argue when I found one under $5 and I ended up picking one up this one for $4.59 shipped. The card is a custom card but it is a nicely done custom. It looks and feels like the cards you would pull from a pack in the 1990s, nothing special but a solid card. I now consider my Kenny Powers collection complete.

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