Thursday, November 5, 2015

Random Championship Question

Just a random question today:
With the Royals winning the World Series it got me thinking

If your team makes it to back to back championship game/series of their sport (and they could only win once) would you rather your team win the first game/series or second game/series?

For example; the Royals in the 2014 & 2015 World Series losing in 2014 and winning in 2015 while the Seahawks flipped it winning Super Bowl 48 and losing Super Bowl 49.


  1. I would prefer the lose the first and win the 2nd. I think there is always the "what did they do wrong" question after the loss when the team were the champs the previous year and returned only to lose. With the loss first, it's the thought that the final puzzle piece was found to put them over the top.

    1. That is what I was thinking too. When the Seahawks lost in the second Super Bowl it was a disappointment where if they lost first and then won it would have been where they were able to get over the last hurdle.

  2. I'm on the happy ending side of this question.

  3. Win the second, because the aftertaste is much more pleasant.

  4. I would take the first World Series because I could drop over and die before seeing the second one.