Tuesday, May 3, 2016

A Cool Topps Screen Plays Pack Break

I came across an oddball Topps set from the 1990s and was immediately interested. The set is the 1997 Topps Screen Plays, a small set that is made up of 20 base cards plus 6 premium cards and is distributed in tin film cans. The cards are made of dura clear and are motion cards, including 24 frames to complete the scene.

I came across a seller who was selling a 5 tin lot with an opening bid of $4.99 plus $6.95 shipping. I tossed up a small bid and won with the $4.99 opening bid. I figured that since there are only 20 cards on the list and me opening 5 cans I had a 1:4 chance of pulling the Griffey card. Really not bad when you consider it breaks down to $2.39/tin. The shipping alone cost the guy $10.35 so he basically lost money on the sale.

Alas Griffey was not among the tins I opened and I am left hunting down the two Griffey cards, he also is on the 6 card premium checklist, and 5 tins of players I do not collect.

I opened all of the tins to see who they were but I am only showing one because I will be using these tins in an upcoming contest. The packaging is unique and used for display. The tins do contain the player but they are covered by a large circular card of the same player (reverse side up so you do not know who it is) that once removed you see who you pulled. Inside the tin is a foam insert that is designed to hold both the card and the metal tin cover. The card has a peel away cling to both sides so you have to peel it off.  Sadly the first tin I opened, Mark McGwire, the foam insert had already begun to break down and the material was all over the inside of the tin and coated the card. The remaining 4 tins still have their foam insert intact and still usable as a display and the cards still have the peel away clings but the McGwire foam insert was destroyed and I only removed the peel clings off of the McGwire card to see what they looked like.
I am considering including the 5 Screen Play packs (tins and cards) as a prize for a competition around my 7th blogversary in June. Only then will I reveal who the other 4 tins contain.


  1. Nice pickup. I remember Matt (I think) at Heartbreaking Cards opening one of these. Hell of a nice price for all you got in my opinion.

  2. Yep, nice oddball, haven't seen it before. looking forward to the contest

  3. I had never seen this set until about a week and half ago, when I found one of Albert Belle in a dime box. At least once a day since then I have had to play with it once or twice. I just can't get over how awesome the "Kodamotion" technology that was used to make these is, they seem advanced even by today's standards.

  4. Sweet McGwire. I've always wanted to bust a few of these tins.