Wednesday, May 11, 2016

One Card, Two Card...That Is All

A two card Mariners post today.

Topps recently released a baseball version on their Wacky Packages line where every sticker in the series is baseball connected either through a MLB or MiLB team or something associated with America’s pastime. Each MLB team has two different stickers in the set, some are funny and some just leave you scratching your heads. Along with parallels of the stickers there are also sketch cards, autographs and relics too.

The Mariners’ are Sea Salt and Cocktail sauce, I picked up the pair for a bit over one dollar. There are sketch card versions too, I have seen two different sketch cards for the Sea Salt version but the prices are pretty insane for a sketch card.


  1. The concept behind this set was an interesting one; however, the execution was bungled. These are far too tame, not funny and un-Wacky; they just do not live up to the product's name.

  2. They're different... so I'm interested. Gonna hold out until I can find a set in the $5 to $7 range though.