Thursday, May 19, 2016

The Tale Of Little Plastic Men

In my on-going process of organizing and packing to get ready to move I have had to make some decisions regarding my collection. Most recently I am going through my figures and bobble heads to see what is packing worthy and what needs to be traded or sold. There have been some difficult calls on figures, some that I have had since 1993, but with each move I have cut down the collection and once again I am at that door.

One of the issues that I have come across, which all toy collectors must decide, is do the figures remain in packaging? Obviously this is the way to keep their value but that brings up the question of will I ever sell my Griffey figures? The answer is “Of course not” so today I decided to rip in to my Griffey SLU figures. I have had my Griffey MacFarlane figures displayed out of the packaging for years but the SLU figures remained encased in cardboard and plastic and packed away, rarely seen by human eyes and that ends today.

I bring to you the ripping of Griffey figures and pulling on the slowly yellowing plastic has never been more satisfying. Today we unleash his 1997 and 1998 figures plus a 1997 Classic Doubles with his father.


In addition to the newly freed figures I now also have three more SLU cards to add to my Griffey PC.  


  1. Due to lack of space, I too started ripping into my SLU's. Who knows... maybe if collectors across the planet are following in our footsteps... these suckers will one day carry some value ;)