Tuesday, December 13, 2016

A Bunch Of Bone Cards

This year I worked on two other player collections as well as my Griffey collection, Jay Buhner and Ryan Bader both got some love. I didn’t post any goals for this year because most of the things that I had in mind for the blog were essentially what I had for the last two years and focused mainly on actively posting, continuing some serial posts and interact more with other bloggers. One thing that I did want to do was work on my Buhner and Bader collections and top 100 cards each.
I hit the milestone with Buhner with a COMC order in June and I will hit the mark for Bader with a COMC order I requested shipment on following COMC's Black Friday sale. Unlike my Griffey collection, where I am hunting all the time for cards I don’t have, I have a much shorter list for Buhner and they are mainly just certain cards that appeal to me like his early cards, special editions and of course autograph or memorabilia cards. There are a couple of ghost cards I replaced in the collection from “The Purge”.

I picked up 6 cards related to his first couple of years with the Yankees, specifically the Columbus Clippers.

1987 ProCards
1987 TCMA International League
1987 TCMA International League All-Star
1988 CMC
1988 Columbus Police Dept set
1988 Procards
In 1988 he was traded to the Seattle Mariners so for part of 1989 he played with the Mariners Triple A team in Calgary.
1989 ProCards
1989 TCMA Team Issue
His first cards in a Mariners uniform also showed up in 1989
1989 Topps Kmart
1989 Topps Mini UK release
1994 Finest and the Refractor version
1996 Score with a Griffey cameo

1996 Upper Deck VJ Lovero with his son Chase, a similar photo was used for the cover for the March 18, 1996 issue of Sports Illustrated. The image was recreated 20 years later for the March 18, 2016 Sports Illustrated issue.

1997 E-X 2000 Looking like Buhner is about to try to steal a base but in reality he had one of the worst success rates ever, only 20% on 30 attempted steals. So this is one of those cards that shows a unique image.
2000 Pacific Just a great shot of Bone is full swing
2001 Keebler I don’t know why but this is one of my favorite Buhner pickups this past year.
2015 Tacoma Rainiers 20th Anniversary SGA Team set. These cards were handed out at the Rainiers games between July 22nd-August 26th, 2015. Each pack contained two cards of players who went through the Rainiers team on their way to the Mariners. This pack contained Griffey and Buhner (double win) and was handed out at the July 22nd game.

2015 Prizm Signatures This was the only Buhner autograph I picked up this year


  1. I had never seen that updated SI cover. That's pretty sweet. I love the shirt his son is wearing in the new cover.

  2. I love the card with him and his son. The updated SI cover is pretty funny.

  3. That Cracker Jack police card is just too perfect - does it get more American than a baseball card/Cracker Jack mashup?

  4. That VJ Lovero card is fantastic! One of these days... I'm going to build that set. I love that SI did those covers. Never seen them before.