Tuesday, December 6, 2016

A Very Appreciated Care Package

Shortly before I moved Angus from Dawg Day Cards sent me a care package of early 90s Griffey cards, plus one Buhner card with a Griffey cameo on the back, which was very much appreciated but they got packed away quickly before I had a chance to sort them. As I said last week I recently moved back to Arizona, a very quick and emotional move, and now that I am back in Arizona I have taken on as a caretaker for my elderly parents. Needless to say stress has compounded daily and any break away is welcome so thank you Angus.

I finally had a chance to sit down and spend some time just focusing on a hobby that helps clear my mind. In all there were 58 cards that I needed for my collection, including some new to me cards and a couple of ghost cards, and with this bundle I topped 1,100 unique Griffey cards.

Here are some of the more interesting cards:

1992 Fleer 7-11 Citgo

1992 French’s Mustard

1992 Promark

1993 Cartwrights

1993 Fleer Atlantic Collector’s Edition

As well as a couple of ghost cards that disappeared in “The Purge”

1993 Topps

1993 Ultra

1995 Upper Deck

1996 Upper Deck Retail Predictor

And of course the Jay Buhner, 1993 SP, with Griffey mugging for the camera on the back


  1. That Frenchs card is really cool! I need to get that one now

  2. Glad you enjoyed the cards! I'm glad you needed so many of them.

    I'll be visiting AZ for Christmas. I'll send you an email, hopefully we can get together at some point.