Thursday, December 8, 2016

UFC Changes Direction In The Women's Division

In 2011 Dana White made it very clear that women will never fight in the UFC, of course that changed and Meisha Tate and Ronda Rousey became big draws for the UFC. If you think about it, right now Rousey may be the second biggest draw only behind Conor McGregor and she hasn’t fought in over a year.

One of the best female fighters, Cris Cyborg, has finally made the jump to the UFC and won both of her fights this year by TKO. If you don’t know who Cris Cyborg is imagine fighting a block of marble that punches. She is one of the hardest hitters, winning 16 of her 19 fights with TKO (most with punches) and has reeled off 18 straight wins minus one win due to a failed drug test.

To put things in perspective, the dominant Rousey has refused to fight Cyborg unless Cris cuts 10 pounds and drops to the 135-pound weight class and Dana White has stood by this even as recently as saying in September that he will not create a 145-pound weight class just for Cris Cyborg. Well, guess what… he announced that there will be a 145-pound Featherweight division and Cyborg’s next fight will be for the Championship.

White is a business man and he knows what is best for the organization and I think the logjam that is being caused by Conor McGregor having two titles has opened White’s eyes to the idea of having more bang for the buck. Rousey is fighting Amanda Nunes at UFC 207 in three weeks and if she wins the title it makes more sense to have Rousey and Cyborg fight on separate cards instead of fighting each other, why take one or two big fights between them when instead they can run their own weight classes and make bigger pay-per-view sales when their fights are alternating.

Cyborg fans are very limited on her cards. She fought in StrikeForce and Invicita FC until this year so she appeared on some Leaf and Topps cards in 2011 and 2012 when UFC bought out StrikeForce but nothing again until this year’s high-end 2016 Topps UFC Museum Collection was recently released.

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  1. Love to watch the ladies fight... especially Rousey and Cyborg. Hopefully at some point in their careers... they face off in the octagon.