Thursday, December 1, 2016

A Marshawn Rainbow Attempt

I decided to try and work on a rainbow of Marshawn Lynch’s 2013 Topps Chrome #6 card. This card is one of my favorite Lynch cards and since there is nothing major special about the card I figured it would be a safe chase. I went in to the challenge with the expectations that I would not chase the Superfractor or printing plates so that left me hunting 14 cards, which includes the base card. I am currently at 11 cards, missing the Blue (Not the Blue Wave) #/199, Gold #/50 and Red #/25 parallels.

I am really surprised that the Blue refractor is difficult to come by, it isn’t exactly a rare card with being #/199. I have seen one show up alone, they are always bundled with other cards and I do not want to buy a bunch of cards because I need just one of the cards. But this is the thrill of the hunt.



X-Fractor (Retail only):


Blue Wave:

Purple #/499:

Military Camo #/499:

BCA Pink #/399:

Prism #/260:

Black #/299:

Sepia #/99 (Hobby only):


  1. Cool chase. I remember when I started my Randle one. I was thinking I wouldn't own the super but somehow was surprised to get it.

    I will check my Marshawn just in case. I do a decent amount of chromw.

  2. Nice.. good luck with the last few!

  3. That's a pretty cool rainbow. Good luck tracking down the rest!

  4. Damn... I miss me some Beast Mode. Beautiful rainbow. Best of luck on tracking down the final three.